Jan 082021

Helpful Tips on How to Choose a TV Stand

Choosing the right TV stand is at the heart of enjoying the show and feeling the moment. Searching through the various TV stand sizes doesn’t have to feel tricky. You need to know a few hints so you get the right piece to protect your TV and store your multimedia accessories. Here’s a guide with tips to help you choose the right TV stand for your home.

A console

Several contemporary TV stands feature a console design. A console is a low line elongated unit with legs, and has adequate surface space for a TV and shelves in the center. It would benefit if you choose something like this as it serves any TV size. It also gives you space for your favorite books and multimedia accessories.

Nature and size of your room

The stand you choose should match the style and interior décor of the room you intend to put it in. For example, if you’ll put it in the living room, its design and style should match the living room colors and furniture. If your living room features a high-tech style, then it would benefit much if you bought a metallic or glass TV stand. Traditional room furnishing and settings go well with wooden TV stands. It’s also important to determine if you need a swivel TV stand or a corner one.


You need to keep in mind that you might want to reorganize your living space and for that matter, alter the position of your TV stand. You might have to go for a swivel TV stand to accommodate such alterations. You might also want to relocate your TV stand to a different room. Therefore, the unit you buy should be light and portable.

TV stand width and height

The position of your screen should be at or slightly below our line of sight. It’s simple to determine the correct height of a TV stand: measure the height from the finished floor level to the line of sight of an average viewer in your household. Then get the difference between this height and half the height of your screen. A perfect TV stand height should fall within a few millimeters of the difference. TV sizes are measured diagonally and console horizontally. It’s therefore important to take your screen measurements before choosing a console. Pick one that’s slightly wider than your screen.

Choosing the right furniture for your house isn’t as straightforward as it appears, especially a TV stand. But it shouldn’t be tricky any more with such professional tips.

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