Jan 012021

The Best Pieces of IKEA furniture

Are you starting out on a budget, or do you simply love the classic functionality of Scandinavian furniture? Whichever it is, IKEA delivers with style, good quality, and affordable prices. Here are six current pieces that form a base for any furnishing scheme.

Norråker White Birch Table

Made from birch wood, the farmhouse-inspired Norråker table is stylish enough to work in both kitchens and dining rooms. Natural grain patterns provide individuality while the construction is tough enough to put it at the heart of all family gatherings. Complete your dining look with matching Norråker chairs.

PS Cabinet

This piece of metal furniture is versatile enough to work as storage, a TV stand, or even as a room divider. Available in classic white as well as bold primary shades of cherry red and royal blue, this cabinet fits into any decor scheme whether classic or contemporary. Inside are adjustable shelves while the unit can be locked to keep valuables away from little hands.

KLIPPAN Loveseat

The classic, comfortable, and long-lasting design of the KLIPPAN Loveseat has probably been the first sofa in so many homes. With its low-slung, clean outline it fits into most contemporary spaces while the cover is available in a choice of textures and colors designed to complement any decor scheme.

Poäng Armchair

Mix and match your KLIPPAN Loveseat with the springy coziness of the Poäng Armchair. This has been in production for more than 40 years which says everything about its comfort, style, and popularity. The choice of frame colors, and upholstery fabrics and shades only add to its versatility. Ramp up the comfort factor by accessorizing it with the Poäng Footstool (Ottoman).

KALLAX Shelf Unit

Originally known as EXPEDIT, the KALLAX Shelf Unit must be one of the most versatile storage units ever created. It is a bookshelf, storage unit, display cabinet, and room divider all rolled into one. Customize it to suit your living style by choosing different sizes and then adding doors, drawers, storage baskets, or even glass shelves and wine racks.

PAX Wardrobe System

Everyone has different wardrobe needs but the PAX Wardrobe System is so versatile it can be adapted for any lifestyle and bedroom design. Start with glossy white, black-brown stained or chic gray frames in sizes and combinations to suit then add storage accessories from the KOMPLEMENT range.

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